JURNAL PENYELIDIKAN JELAI (E-ISSN: 2682-8774) http://jelaijournal.com/ejournal/index.php/main <p>JELAI, Jurnal Penyelidikan Jelai, is an academic, peer-reviewed, open-access journal publishing high-quality scientific articles in the fields of education and related Social Sciences study fields. Recently was indexed by My Journal.</p> <p><br />The journal publishes research manuscripts in the Social Sciences and educational studies which would be of interest to Malaysian and international readership. The aim of the journal is to publish high-quality manuscripts that are of international significance in terms of design and/or findings by encouraging collaboration with international teams of researchers to create special issues on these topics. Papers accepted for publication are double-blind refereed to ensure academic integrity and quality.</p> IPGKTAA en-US JURNAL PENYELIDIKAN JELAI (E-ISSN: 2682-8774) 2682-8774 Identifying factors that contribute to speaking anxiety among Kuantan Community College students in ESL classroom http://jelaijournal.com/ejournal/index.php/main/article/view/45 <p>Speaking anxiety brings impacts on the learning process because it affects fluency and also the communication process itself. There are many kinds of research done to analyse the speaking anxiety issue and to clarify the factors that contribute to speaking anxiety. This study aimed to identify the contributing factors affecting speaking anxiety among Kuantan Community College students. This study involved all semester one students (91 students) in Kuantan Community College who have registered for SUE 10011 Communicative English course. A quantitative method was employed to analyze the data. The main instrument used to gather the quantitative data is the FLCAS (Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale) which was adapted from a study done by Horwitz and Cope (1986). In the questionnaire, there are 33 items that were divided into 3 factors related to speaking anxiety but for this study 28 questions from FLCAS were adopted with minor adaptation to suit the objectives of the study. The 3 factors which were analyzed in this study are the motivation in learning ESL, fear of negative evaluation and English language proficiency. The data gathered were analyzed using the SPSS software. This study revealed that these 3 factors are very important to determine the anxiety level among the ESL learners. This study suggests that with appropriate teaching methodology and more effective learning environment will help the ESL learners to deal with their anxiety in speaking English language. This study will help the ESL lecturers to know in detail regarding the factors that contribute to speaking anxiety. The lecturers will have the guide to provide an action plan to curb with the problem and at the same time improvise their teaching methods. For future studies related to speaking anxiety, it is better if the researchers could identify effective teaching methodology or techniques on teaching speaking skills. It is hope that with further studies on this issue and with larger scale of respondents will further improved and bring dimensional perceptions towards the language lecturer and the ESL students</p> Copyright (c) 2022 JURNAL PENYELIDIKAN JELAI (E-ISSN: 2682-8774) 2023-02-20 2023-02-20 15 1 Learners’ Perceptions of the use of Padlet in Classroom among Community College Learners http://jelaijournal.com/ejournal/index.php/main/article/view/52 <p>The use of technology among learners in community college is widespread. However, the application of technology in the classroom is limited. Therefore, this study intends to investigate learners’ technology acceptance in educational context using Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) by Davis. Descriptive research was designed and implemented to achieve the purposes of the present study. Descriptive statistics and Pearson’s correlation analysis were employed to analyze the data. 31 participants of Pekan Community College were chosen as the respondents for the online survey. Statistical Package for Social Science 25 (SPSS 25) software was used to analyze the data collected from the online survey. The findings revealed that learners perceived using the Padlet application in the classroom is easy and useful for their study. Also, a significant relationship was found between Perceived Ease of Use (PEoU) and Perceived Usefulness (PU) towards attitude in using Padlet application for classroom activity</p> Copyright (c) 2022 JURNAL PENYELIDIKAN JELAI (E-ISSN: 2682-8774) 2022-12-11 2022-12-11 15 1 Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran dalam Talian: Kajian Kes terhadap Guru Bahasa Arab Sekolah Rendah http://jelaijournal.com/ejournal/index.php/main/article/view/50 <p>Ekoran daripada pandemik Covid-19, kerajaan telah mengubah sistem pendidikan yang dahulunya konvensional secara bersemuka kepada Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran (PdP) secara dalam talian. Arahan pelaksanaan Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran di Rumah (PdPR) secara tidak langsung memberi cabaran kepada golongan guru untuk mengadaptasi norma baharu dalam pendidikan malahan memerlukan guru untuk menguasai kaedah pengajaran dalam talian yang berkesan. Kajian ini bertujuan untuk mengenalpasti kepentingan PdP Bahasa Arab secara dalam talian di samping mengkaji kaedah pengajaran yang digunakan oleh guru Bahasa Arab sekolah rendah semasa melaksanakan PdP dalam talian. Selain itu, pengkaji turut mengkaji cabaran guru Bahasa Arab sekolah rendah semasa melaksanakan PdP secara dalam talian. Kajian ini dijalankan secara kualitatif dan seramai tiga orang guru Bahasa Arab sekolah rendah telah dipilih menjadi peserta kajian. Data dikumpulkan melalui kaedah temu bual dan analisis dokumen. Data temu bual ditranskripsikan dan dianalisis secara bertema dan seterusnya ditriangulasikan dengan analisis dokumen. Dapatan kajian menunjukkan bahawa terdapat banyak cabaran yang dihadapi oleh guru bagi memastikan sesi PdPR berjalan lancar. Justeru, kepelbagaian kaedah pengajaran guru Bahasa Arab dalam talian yang mengikut keperluan murid telah mempengaruhi penglibatan murid dalam PdP dalam talian. Konklusinya, pelaksanaan PdPR sebagai medium sementara semasa berlakunya pandemik sedikit sebanyak telah memberi kesan kepada beberapa pihak yang terlibat termasuklah guru, murid dan ibu bapa. Implikasi kajian ini diharapkan dapat membantu pihak Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia (KPM) mencari penyelesaian terbaik bagi memastikan PdP untuk semua murid dapat diteruskan walaupun pandemik Covid-19 menimpa negara ataupun pandemik lain yang bakal mendatang</p> Copyright (c) 2022 JURNAL PENYELIDIKAN JELAI (E-ISSN: 2682-8774) 2022-12-11 2022-12-11 15 1 Development of The Neoteric Approach In The National Primary School Curriculum http://jelaijournal.com/ejournal/index.php/main/article/view/48 <p>The aim of this study is to develop a neoteric approach in the primary school national curriculum. The neoteric approach refers to a modern and up-to-date approach in the teaching and learning process to strengthen the existing education system. This concept paper is based on literature review and library references to produce a neoteric approach framework. The findings of the study are carried out through the analysis process of document review, the government policy content and existing policies. The results of the study show that the neoteric approach is suitable to be implemented in helping the development of the implementation of the holistic primary school national curriculum. The implications of the study show that the neoteric approach can help to form a curriculum framework using a neoteric approach that covers performance objectives, core competencies, soft skills, the use of technology and the domain of becoming future students. It is hoped that this approach will help strengthen the primary school education system and produce a future-proof generation</p> Copyright (c) 2022 JURNAL PENYELIDIKAN JELAI (E-ISSN: 2682-8774) 2022-12-08 2022-12-08 15 1 Factors Affecting Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching among Pre-service Teachers http://jelaijournal.com/ejournal/index.php/main/article/view/46 <p>The low level of mathematical knowledge for teaching (MKT) among pre-service teachers is an important issue that needs to be addressed wisely to ensure they can carry out more effective teaching activities in the future. This study was conducted to examine factors that affect MKT among pre-service teachers in Institute of Teacher Education (ITE). The influence of mathematical belief (MB), mathematics teaching efficacy belief (MTEB) and opportunities to learn (OTL) have been tested to explain the factors affecting MKT. The design of this study is correlational research. Using a structured questionnaire together with paper and pencil test adapted from the literature reviewed, data were collected from 187 pre-service teachers. The partial least squares-structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) is used to analyze the collected data. The empirical results indicated that constructivist belief (β=0.21, p&lt;0.001), mathematics teaching outcome expectancy belief (MTOEB) (β=0.353, p&lt;0.001), OTL-Practicum (β=0.355, p&lt;0.001) and OTL-Program (β=0.287, p&lt;0.001) are significant predictors to explain the factors that affect MKT. Moreover, it was found that OTL-Practicum (β=0.29, p&lt;0.001) and OTL-Program (β=0.149, p&lt;0.1) are significant predictors of pre-service teachers MB. Overall, the model explained 60.9% of the variance in MKT. Hence, in the future, it is proposed that ITEs provide more opportunities for pre-service teachers to help them improve the mastery of MKT</p> Copyright (c) 2022 JURNAL PENYELIDIKAN JELAI (E-ISSN: 2682-8774) 2022-12-08 2022-12-08 15 1 Meningkatkan Pencapaian Pelajar H6T4 Menjawab Soalan Gerakan Harmonik Ringkas dengan Menggunakan Teknik ± Cut Sinusoidal Graph http://jelaijournal.com/ejournal/index.php/main/article/view/54 <p>Kajian ini dijalankan untuk mengatasi masalah yang dihadapi oleh pelajar semasa menjawab soalan gerakan harmonik ringkas bagi kursus Physics 1, SP015. Seramai 6 orang pelajar dari kelas tutoran H6T4, Program Dua Semester Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka telah dipilih berdasarkan Ujian Pra. Hasil refleksi yang&nbsp; dilakukan mendapati pelajar menghadapi masalah menulis persamaan sinusoidal setara dan melakar bentuk graf sinusoidal bagi tajuk gerakan harmonik ringkas. Jesteru itu, fokus kajian terarah kepada cara untuk mengatasi masalah dihadapi pelajar bagi meningkatkan pencapaian mereka menjawab soalan gerakan harmonik ringkas. Teknik ± Cut Sinusoidal Graph diperkenalkan bagi mengatasi masalah ini dengan menggunakan Model Kajian Tindakan Kemmis &amp; Mc Taggart (1988) yang terdiri dari empat peringkat untuk satu kitaran iaitu tinjauan awal, merancang tindakan, melaksanakan tindakan dan memerhati, dan akhir sekali melakukan refleksi. Berdasarkan data dari Ujian Pra, Ujian Pos dan juga Soalan Soal Selidik keberkesanan terhadap penggunaan Teknik ± Cut Sinusoidal Graph dianalisis secara kaedah deskriptif melalui aplikasi MS Excel. Pada akhir kajian, didapati terdapat peningkatan pencapaian markah ketara pada semua pelajar membuktikan objektif kajian tercapai dan berjaya memberikan impak yang sangat positif kepada para pelajar. Seterusnya Teknik ± Cut Sinusoidal Graph akan diperkenalkan teknik ini secara meluas agar teknik ini dapat membantu para pelajar untuk menjawab bukan sahaja soalan fizik tetapi juga soalan matematik tambahan</p> Copyright (c) 2022 JURNAL PENYELIDIKAN JELAI (E-ISSN: 2682-8774) 2022-12-11 2022-12-11 15 1 Penggunaan Logik Kabur dalam Penilaian Kepuasan Pelanggan di IPG Kampus Dato’ Razali Ismail http://jelaijournal.com/ejournal/index.php/main/article/view/39 <p>Kepuasan pelanggan merupakan isu yang penting dalam pelbagai sektor termasuk dalam institusi pendidikan. Kehendak dan keperluan pelajar serta pensyarah selaku pelanggan kepada sesebuah institusi perlu dipenuhi oleh pihak pengurusan bagi memastikan perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan berkualiti. Prestasi sesebuah organisasi diukur daripada kepuasan pelanggan terhadap keperluan mereka. Isu kepuasan pelanggan tidak hanya berlaku di Malaysia malahan juga di luar negara. Aduan dan rungutan mengenai kemudahan dan perkhidmatan yang disediakan menjadi penyebab kepada tercetusnya kajian ini. Justeru, kajian ini dijalankan bagi menentukan tahap kepuasan pelajar dan pensyarah terhadap perkhidmatan dan kemudahan yang disediakan di lPG Kampus Dato’ Razali Ismail. Responden kajian terdiri daripada pelajar dan pensyarah yang dipilih secara pensampelan rawak bersrata. Data dikumpulkan berdasarkan soal selidik yang diedarkan secara dalam talian dan merangkumi tujuh dimensi. Analisis deskriptif dilakukan menggunakan <em>SPSS 26 for windows</em> dan seterusnya analisis Logik kabur menggunakan Matlab <em>R2020b for windows</em>. Logik kabur menggunakan pemboleh ubah linguistik yang diberi darjah keanggotaan. Sistem inferens kabur menggunakan model Fuzzy Mamdani digunakan bagi mengolah data. Seterusnya untuk mendapatkan output terdapat empat tahap yang perlu dilakukan iaitu pengaburan, aturan, inferensi dan defuzzifikasi. Dapatan kajian ini membolehkan pihak pengurusan mengekalkan prestasi sedia ada dan membuat penambahbaikan berterusan dari masa ke semasa untuk menjamin kualiti perkhidmatan dan kepuasan pelanggan</p> Copyright (c) 2022 JURNAL PENYELIDIKAN JELAI (E-ISSN: 2682-8774) 2022-12-07 2022-12-07 15 1 Kemahiran Menulis Bahasa Melayu Murid Peribumi sebagai Penutur Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Kedua http://jelaijournal.com/ejournal/index.php/main/article/view/51 <p>Penulisan kajian ini adalah membincangkan kemahiran menulis bahasa Melayu murid peribumi sebagai penutur bahasa Melayu bahasa kedua. Kajian ini menggunakan kaedah kualitatif dan dilaksanakan secara kajian kes di tiga sebuah Sekolah Kebangsaan di Sarawak.&nbsp; Pemerhatian&nbsp; pengajaran dan pembelajaran di bilik darjah telah dilaksanakan bagi mendapatkan data utama. Seterusnya, triangulasi data dijalankan&nbsp; melalui temu bual separa berstruktur dan analisis dokumen. Kajian ini mengetengahkan dua objektif utama iaitu untuk mengenal pasti kemahiran menulis bahasa Melayu murid peribumi. Selain itu, penguasaan bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kedua dalam kalangan murid peribumi juga dikenal pasti. Peserta kajian dipilih secara persampelan bertujuan yang terdiri daripada tiga orang murid Tahun Lima serta tiga orang guru bahasa Melayu di sekolah kajian. Hasil pemerhatian pengajaran dan pembelajaran di bilik darjah, temu bual dengan peserta kajian dan analisis dokumen ditranskripsikan dan dianalisis menggunakan perisian Atlas.ti&nbsp; Mac versi 1.6.0 (484). Data dianalisis secara deskriftif dan dipersembahkan dalam bentuk naratif. Dapatan kajian menunjukkan murid menguasai dengan&nbsp; baik pengajaran dan pembelajaran (PdP) melalui strategi penyoalan, penjelasan,&nbsp; perumusan dan&nbsp; peramalan dalam kemahiran menulis bahasa Melayu. Penguasaan bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kedua dalam kalangan murid peribumi adalah sederhana. Dapatan juga menunjukkan murid Tahun Lima peribumi&nbsp; sangat berminat dalam penulisan karangan berunsurkan imanginasi. Hasil kajian ini dapat memberi input dalam penambahbaikan semakan terkini Dokumen Standard Kurikulum dan Pentaksiran (DSKP) bagi kemahiran menulis bahasa Melayu Sekolah Rendah. Kajian ini juga memberi manfaat kepada guruguru bahasa Melayu dalam usaha meningkatkan penguasaan kemahiran menulis serta penguasaan bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kedua dalam kalangan murid peribumi</p> Copyright (c) 2022 JURNAL PENYELIDIKAN JELAI (E-ISSN: 2682-8774) 2022-12-11 2022-12-11 15 1 Digital Story Telling Through TikTok Apps to Enhance Speaking Skills in One of the Primary Schools in Segamat, Johor http://jelaijournal.com/ejournal/index.php/main/article/view/49 <p>Being able to speak confidently and communicate in simple and direct exchange of information on familiar matters are among the core objectives of spoken interaction in CEFR. The most threatening problem with students, especially in the rural areas is the ability to speak English confidently and fluently. Many researchers have used social media in their studies to show its relation with students’ knowledge, engagement and readiness. However, very limited studies have been done to see the relation between TikTok with English spoken interaction. Therefore, with the wide use of social media, specifically TikTok, this research aims to explore the impact of using TikTok as an intervention in enhancing students’ self-confidence and motivation in English communication. Moreover, this research also aims to see the development of students’ speaking skills after being exposed to a new way of learning English through TikTok and utilize the use of social media in a beneficial way. In this qualitative research, five pupils from a rural school in Segamat, Johor have been purposely chosen as the participants. Audio visual recordings and quick survey forms have been analyzed to generate the data. The research data shows significant findings that the pupils developed self-confidence and motivation in communicating using the English language. From the findings, TikTok is proven to be helpful in building students’ confidence level when communicating in English. Further research can be done in order to generate more data and identify problems faced by teachers and students. Actions should be taken to overcome the problems and promote the method of learning English among the pupils</p> Copyright (c) 2022 JURNAL PENYELIDIKAN JELAI (E-ISSN: 2682-8774) 2022-12-11 2022-12-11 15 1 Non-native Korean speaker preference towards mobile-assisted Korean language learning based on vocabulary / dictionary features http://jelaijournal.com/ejournal/index.php/main/article/view/47 <p>One of the languages that is becoming more and more popular to learn as a second language is Korean. The learning procedure is largely the same as it is for other languages. Future inclusion of educationally focused apps, such as those for learning the Korean language, is made possible by the development of ever-sophisticated mobile applications. Nevertheless, not all of these apps may produce the desired results. Deficits could give people the impression that their requirements can't be addressed. Mainly the vocabulary, grammar, and dictionary feature is important for a good learning apps. So, this study aims to determine the top two mobile applications students use to learn Korean based on vocabulary/dictionary feature, preferred by non-native Korean speakers in Malaysia. Secondary data analysis (top ten websites on learning the Korean language) was conducted and descriptively analysed. The study showed that non-native Korean students chose Naver Dictionary/Papago and Dongsa to learn Korean language. Future research implications of these discoveries are highlighted.</p> Copyright (c) 2022 JURNAL PENYELIDIKAN JELAI (E-ISSN: 2682-8774) 2022-12-08 2022-12-08 15 1