Development of The Neoteric Approach In The National Primary School Curriculum


The aim of this study is to develop a neoteric approach in the primary school national curriculum. The neoteric approach refers to a modern and up-to-date approach in the teaching and learning process to strengthen the existing education system. This concept paper is based on literature review and library references to produce a neoteric approach framework. The findings of the study are carried out through the analysis process of document review, the government policy content and existing policies. The results of the study show that the neoteric approach is suitable to be implemented in helping the development of the implementation of the holistic primary school national curriculum. The implications of the study show that the neoteric approach can help to form a curriculum framework using a neoteric approach that covers performance objectives, core competencies, soft skills, the use of technology and the domain of becoming future students. It is hoped that this approach will help strengthen the primary school education system and produce a future-proof generation