Digital Story Telling Through TikTok Apps to Enhance Speaking Skills in One of the Primary Schools in Segamat, Johor


Digital Story Telling, Tik Tok Apps, Speaking skills, Technology in Education


Being able to speak confidently and communicate in simple and direct exchange of information on familiar matters are among the core objectives of spoken interaction in CEFR. The most threatening problem with students, especially in the rural areas is the ability to speak English confidently and fluently. Many researchers have used social media in their studies to show its relation with students’ knowledge, engagement and readiness. However, very limited studies have been done to see the relation between TikTok with English spoken interaction. Therefore, with the wide use of social media, specifically TikTok, this research aims to explore the impact of using TikTok as an intervention in enhancing students’ self-confidence and motivation in English communication. Moreover, this research also aims to see the development of students’ speaking skills after being exposed to a new way of learning English through TikTok and utilize the use of social media in a beneficial way. In this qualitative research, five pupils from a rural school in Segamat, Johor have been purposely chosen as the participants. Audio visual recordings and quick survey forms have been analyzed to generate the data. The research data shows significant findings that the pupils developed self-confidence and motivation in communicating using the English language. From the findings, TikTok is proven to be helpful in building students’ confidence level when communicating in English. Further research can be done in order to generate more data and identify problems faced by teachers and students. Actions should be taken to overcome the problems and promote the method of learning English among the pupils