Learners’ Perceptions of the use of Padlet in Classroom among Community College Learners


technology t , Technology Acceptance (TAM), Perception, Community College, Padlet


The use of technology among learners in community college is widespread. However, the application of technology in the classroom is limited. Therefore, this study intends to investigate learners’ technology acceptance in educational context using Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) by Davis. Descriptive research was designed and implemented to achieve the purposes of the present study. Descriptive statistics and Pearson’s correlation analysis were employed to analyze the data. 31 participants of Pekan Community College were chosen as the respondents for the online survey. Statistical Package for Social Science 25 (SPSS 25) software was used to analyze the data collected from the online survey. The findings revealed that learners perceived using the Padlet application in the classroom is easy and useful for their study. Also, a significant relationship was found between Perceived Ease of Use (PEoU) and Perceived Usefulness (PU) towards attitude in using Padlet application for classroom activity